Organizing Travel
As your one-stop shop for your team’s travel needs, we make it hassle-free to get to competitions/tournaments. I organize it all and send full itineraries to all travelers. Any updates along the way will be communicated quickly. If your team uses programs such as BAND app or another communication app I can be added to keep all parties updated or contacted quickly for any need.
I can negotiate the best possibility for group flights, and keep track of delays and scheduling changes. I am your go-between for the airlines. 

I highly recommend travel insurance and will review this low-cost lifesaver prior to finalizing any bookings. 

Booking your lodging with me can get you the best-negotiated room blocks and rates. I set up all of your lodgings so you don’t have to.

You can focus on the competition/tournament, while I find the perfect accommodations for your team and their families. 
Whether you need a charter bus, a 12-15 passenger van, or just an SUV/car rental I can provide you with the best prices and organize it for everyone traveling.

I can also let you know ahead of time of optional ideas such as trolleys, buses, subways, etc.  
I can organize catering food for short lunch breaks or supply you with a list of local restaurants.

Some cities even have fun experiences for dining such as farm-to-table, medieval times, or arcades with dining. 

Letting me organize large group meals beforehand takes all the stress off of the long waits and the “I am hungry”

Fun stuff and Extras
Why not get out and have some fun when you are not competing? Many areas offer exciting things to do and see. Team building activities can all be pre-arranged.