Word for 2022
🚀Committed is my word for 2022 🚀
Do you pick a word as a theme for your year? If so, what is it and why that word?
As I was putting my goals down for the coming year, I realized that I was committing to myself. Whoa 😲 that hit home.
When I commit to something for other people I do it. I follow through. I show up.
But in the past, I have been quick to let myself down when I commit to something or really just give up. So, this year I have 3 highest values at the top of my goal chart:
 💥 Committed to becoming the best version of myself: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically
 💥 Committed to being the best wife and mother daily for my family
  💥Committed to growing our coaching business to financially support our families’ goals and dreams
Below these statements are my goals broken down into sections: Fitness, Finance, Faith, Family, Fun, Field
Under each section are my goal commitments  
This will be printed out and hung on my bathroom mirror, our fridge, and a copy placed in my planner to carry with me
Next, I will develop daily affirmation statements to match the goals and update my vision board
I have gone back to using a paper planner for 2022 so I can write down what I accomplish daily and review that weekly, monthly, quarterly, and at the end of the year
✨I am committed to myself, my family and my clients ✨


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