Back in Alignment, Fresh New Beginning

This weekend I spent being a lump on a log. What does that mean exactly, for me it means binge-watching Hallmark shows. When I do this, it means a big change is on the horizon. It is my body, mind, and spirit's way of fueling up for what is coming.

It is time to start reviewing this year. Where did I start, where am I now and how far did I come? Goal setting, sigh. Not something I enjoy honestly. I am a big visionary so when I goal plan it is big, REAL BIG, things that there is no way I could even imagine seeing happen.

In September I had a goal to retire my husband by January 1st. I didn’t know how this would happen, but I knew it would. Today is December 6th and I have made a big $47 since September. Guess who is not retiring by January. So, what happened? I was out of alignment, that’s what happened.

When October hit and I hadn’t made any movement, I started to get discouraged and by November 1st I was ready to give up and I did mental. I fell back into poor habits and victim mentality. But then something happened.

Two people in the same week gave me a homework assignment that was exactly the same. These people don’t know each other at all. OK, the universe stepped in and offered me up a solution.

After doing the assignments I realized I was way out of alignment with my inspiration. For the last 11 years I have been obsessed with nutrition, but nothing I was doing focused on this. I was taking the board approach and that just doesn’t work for me. So, I narrowed down my direction. When I did this, it helped to also see how I could add my hubby to my coaching business.

I am beyond excited to announce that he is becoming a personal trainer. My two youngest kiddos who are competitive athletes will also be helping out. We will help families restore their health naturally with food, fitness, mental and emotional programs.

We are kicking things off with a private FB group and would love for you to join:

As our business takes shape we will offer more and more, so join the fun now.


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