3 Ways To Avoid the Mom, I am Hungry Meltdown

3 Ways To Avoid the Mom, I am Hungry Meltdown
Mom, I am Hungry 🤦
Every minute of the day I hear this from one of my kids
Here are 3 things I do to try and avoid the hunger meltdown
✔️Keep snacks and drinks in my car
The back end of my minivan has a small cubby area where we keep two storage bins. One has water and electrolyte drinks the other has snack crackers. (DO NOT store carbonated drinks in your car they will explode in the high heat, don’t ask how I know this)
✔️Grab and Go trays in the fridge
I bought a couple of party trays with lids and keep them full with cubed meat, cheese, veggies, etc. in the fridge. Also, keep a bowl of fruit salad made at all times. Here are the trays I grabbed: https://amzn.to/3b0sVSA
✔️Daily Harvest goodness
I keep at least 12 smoothies in our freezer at all times. These are super healthy real food smoothies that come right to your door. Around 3ish I get hungry so I grab a smoothie and some protein powder. Also, the kids love them. If you haven’t tried Daily Harvest here is a $40 off your first box referral link:  https://daily-harvest.com/r/RE-R4AGE3G
If you haven’t hopped into my support community on FB yet, do it, we share lots of tips, tricks, and hacks for being a sports momma https://www.facebook.com/groups/1475268589524447

How sickness can be a blessing

How sickness can be a blessing
Sickness 😷hit our household hard in January
Ty our 13 yr old son came home sick from a tennis tournament and on Monday, Jan 17th tested positive for covid.  We secluded him to his room and the use of one bathroom in the home. I became his primary caretaker. He had mild symptoms: fever, headache, and cough.
The following Saturday I woke up with a stuffing head and by that evening was running a low fever. Hubby moved to the living room and I was locked in our master bedroom. The next Monday I tested negative, but still stay secluded as a precaution.
Today is February 7th and I am just now feeling better. Still fighting head congestion and dry cough. Ty still is not 100% and tires very easily.
Looking back over the last 3 weeks I am so grateful and blessed. I didn’t realize that I needed this time to reflect and reevaluate my plan for this year.
At 52 years old I am not where I thought I would be by now, or at least so I thought. The last 3 weeks have been the best blessing for me right now. I spent so much time in reflection because I really couldn’t do anything else.
Things I have learned:
My inspiration for holistic health fell to the wayside 😭
Taking care of myself was overtaken by trying to make money 💰
My priorities are out of alignment ⚖️
I have all the tools to be successful, but I need to be ME and not try to do it the way others do 🤗
I am inspired by caring for my family and helping other families care for themselves 🌟
Sometimes we need to be made to STOP 🛑, to take a long look at where we truly are vs where we think we should be. I am so grateful and blessed for this sickness and the time I needed to reflect.

Highest Values Instead of Goals

Highest Values Instead of Goals
🎆A new year means new goals and dreams 🎆
Not for me.  I took a different twist on it this year and I am very excited to see how it goes
The first thing I did was to determine my 3 highest values: my health, my family, my career
Then I wrote out statements for each one for 2022:
🎯I am committed to becoming the best version of myself: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically
🎯I am committed to being the best wife and mother each day for my family
🎯I am committed to growing my coaching my business to financially support my family’s goals and dreams
Then I wrote down 6 key areas of my life:
Under each section, I laid out 3 action steps that matched my highest values for the year, BOOM 💥
Now every single day I carry this on a piece of paper in my planner and review it multiple times a day. I ask myself if what I am doing is for the advancement of one of those areas. If not, I redirect to something that is.
The first few days have been a bit bumpy. I am finding many things I have allowed to distract me from my values: social media, streaming shows and movies, and just plain lack of focus.
Last week I started adding fresh juice to my morning and can tell a huge difference. I used to juice regularly and got lazy so I stopped. Just adding this back in has raised my energy level and helped my brain to focus better.
I will keep you posted on progress this year with my new system so you know how it is going
Did you make goals for the year? If so share them and let’s keep each other accountable

Word for 2022

Word for 2022
🚀Committed is my word for 2022 🚀
Do you pick a word as a theme for your year? If so, what is it and why that word?
As I was putting my goals down for the coming year, I realized that I was committing to myself. Whoa 😲 that hit home.
When I commit to something for other people I do it. I follow through. I show up.
But in the past, I have been quick to let myself down when I commit to something or really just give up. So, this year I have 3 highest values at the top of my goal chart:
 💥 Committed to becoming the best version of myself: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically
 💥 Committed to being the best wife and mother daily for my family
  💥Committed to growing our coaching business to financially support our families’ goals and dreams
Below these statements are my goals broken down into sections: Fitness, Finance, Faith, Family, Fun, Field
Under each section are my goal commitments  
This will be printed out and hung on my bathroom mirror, our fridge, and a copy placed in my planner to carry with me
Next, I will develop daily affirmation statements to match the goals and update my vision board
I have gone back to using a paper planner for 2022 so I can write down what I accomplish daily and review that weekly, monthly, quarterly, and at the end of the year
✨I am committed to myself, my family and my clients ✨

New Years Resolution, Bah Hum Bug

New Years Resolution, Bah Hum Bug
As we bring 2021 to a close companies and entrepreneurs are looking ahead
Goal setting and New Year’s resolutions are all being written down and reviewed
Not me, nope, not at all
So, what am I doing to prepare for 2021? Focusing on Dreams and Habits!!
The first thing we do as a family is redoing our vision boards. Each person in our home has their own and we have one large board together for family things. We discuss dreams, BIG dreams for the next year. Then we break that down into habits needed to achieve the dreams.
It is that simple and we don’t overcomplicate it.
Here are the steps to make it happen:
✅Step one: make yourself a vision board. Mine hangs right by my bed so it is the last thing I see at night before I go to bed and the first thing I see when I wake up
✅Step two: put those dreams in writing. I am using a new journal/planner starting January 1st.
✅Step three: Make a large family vision board and hang it in the most frequented room of the house. Ours is right in our entryway to our living room/kitchen area.
✅Step four: Put the family dreams in writing.
✅Step five: Now take your list and break it down into what habits need to be put into place to take daily intentional action towards those dreams.
Review daily
This year I am adding keeping mine on phone in the form of affirmations so I can read them all day long.
Give it a try and see what happens, what have you got to lose?

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